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Discover How Our
Customized Solutions
Propel Businesses

Discover How Our Customized Solutions Propel Businesses Forward

Highlight the personalized approach you take with each client, emphasizing the bespoke nature of your services and how this leads to unique success stories.

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Strategic Partnerships: Driving Growth Together

Position your company not just as a service provider but as a strategic partner that works closely with clients to drive mutual growth, underlining the collaborative nature of your engagements.

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Innovation at
Work: See Our Cutting-Edge Solutions
Real-World Scenarios

Innovation at Work: See Our Cutting-Edge Solutions in Real-World Scenarios

Focus on the innovative aspect of your services, showcasing how your cutting-edge solutions have been applied across various industries to solve complex challenges.

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Transforming Industries,
One Client
at a Time

Transforming Industries, One Client at a Time

Emphasize the wide-ranging impact of your solutions across different sectors, showcasing your versatility and the broad applicability of your services.

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Where Expertise Meets Innovation

Tailored Solutions for Your Business - Highlight the combination of your technical prowess and deep industry expertise, offering potential clients a glimpse into how this unique blend delivers results that drive their businesses forward.

Our Portfolio

Pope Company

For Pope Company, an esteemed apparel retailer, 3DotsCommerce crafted a cutting-edgee-commerce platform, elevating their online presence to match their vast product range. Leveraging our advanced CMS and seamless ERP integrations, we delivered a modern, responsive e-shop that not only showcases thousands of customizable branded products but also operates with unparalleled efficiency.

Our solution enhances user experience with AI-driven personalization, ensuring each visitor encounters tailored product selections.

Behind the scenes, our smart inventory management and robust analytics drive operational success, while our 24/7 support ensures continuous, seamless service. Pope Company's journey with us reflects a harmonious blend of technology and commerce, setting a new standard in the retail industry.

Pope image
Pope image


Makpetrol as the leading petrol distributor in Macedonia, embarked on a digital transformation journey with 3DotsCommerce to enhance customer loyalty and operational efficiency.

We developed a native mobile app to digitize their Verna loyalty card, laying the groundwork for future online sales of services and products.

Our app stands out by offering an unparalleled user experience, with features like pump-to-pump navigation ensuring drivers never run low on fuel. It also offers comprehensive vehicle management tools, from maintenance tracking to storing essential vehicle information. In the next phase we will additionally integrate the App with their own payment systems providing secure and flexible transaction options, showcasing our commitment to innovative, customer-centric solutions.

Beekeepers Foundation

In partnership with the Beekeepers Foundation in Dubai, 3DotsCommerce proudly contributes to the United Nations SDGs by fostering bee preservation.

Our collaboration has birthed an online platform dedicated to educating the youth on beekeeping, promoting environmental awareness and supporting fundraising efforts for this crucial cause.

This platform, enriched with advanced CMS, allows for dynamic content management, ensuring engaging and up-to-date educational materials. This will ensure in the future for an AI-driven analytics and support systems to ensure a seamless user experience and operational efficiency, reflecting the commitment to leveraging technology for social and environmental impact.

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